ISO 9001: 2008 Certified

Get Fast not only has a commitment to care for our employees but we also have a commitment to care for our customers.

This Management System is a proven and instant way for our customers to recognise that our company is committed to meeting and maintaining international standards for quality, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction. This inspires confidence in both our customers and in our employees by ensuring Get Fast’s products and services meet a level of quality.

With a better customer experience as the overall goal, Get Fast is able to formulate effective risk management processes that improve efficiency and reduce cost.

The Quality Management Systems emphasis’ on processes encompasses the entire organisation, including senior management, to ensure the outcomes are of real benefit to our customers.

ISO 14001: 2004 Certified

Get Fast is committed to ensuring the protection of our environment. The objectives ofGet Fast EMS are to:

– Set and review environmental objectives and targets based on the nature, scale and environmental impacts of Get Fast’s activities, products and services.

– Commit to and comply with all environmental legislations and requirements to which the company chooses to follow.

– Ensure continual improvement and prevention of pollution.

Get Fast is committed to comply with accepted environmental practices, including, where feasible, to meet or exceed relevant legal and other requirements, to strive for continual improvement in our EMS, and to minimise the creation of waste and pollution. Get Fast undertakes to manage its processes, materials, other resources and our people in order to reduce the environmental impacts associated with the activities of the company.

AS NZS 4801: 2001 Certified

Get Fast is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of our employees as well as all people who may be affected by Get Fast Industries’ operations.

To ensure workplace health and safety, Get Fast will pursue best practice in WHS as well as fulfill its statutory duties with regard to WHS at all times.

Resources in terms of personnel, time, effort and financial outlay (commensurate with the priority with which Get Fast places on workplace health and safety) will be made available in order to:

– Comply with all relevant legislation, and

– Ensure the health and safety of employees and others.

Where necessary, external consultants will be engaged to ensure that workplace health and safety is appropriately managed.

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