Where can I place the bin?

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November 17, 2016

As a general rule, the skip bin needs to be placed on private property. This includes most driveways if they are within the boundaries of your property. Your driveway needs to be at least 3 metres wide for a standard truck to fit into the driveway. You should also ensure there are no power lines or trees that may hinder the access and placement of the bin at time of delivery. If you think that access may be difficult, feel free to discuss the location of the skip bin with us as we have smaller trucks available for more difficult access.

Please note that if you need us to place the bin off your property, such as on a footpath or nature strip, you will need to check with your local council as you may require a permit. We are a registered preferred bin supplier in the following councils – Marrickville, Canterbury, Dulwich Hill, Burwood, Woollahra, Waverley and Leichhardt.

See Council Permits